Which type of purple flower (good and affordable) is best for wedding arrangements ?

Flowers are nature’s gift to mankind…they are beautiful, always fortunate, makes us happy, have pleasant scent and very useful. Flowers generally look stunning where ever they are put up..they add extra beauty to their surroundings. Thus they are used mostly in occasions and parties for decorations and arrangements. Among all flower types purple flowers are used maximally because of their different and royal color they suits best to every occasion. Actually there are number of purple flowers in the world that are suitable for any arrangements and some of them are:

i) Purple Rose- It is one of the best purple flower that is popular, very beautiful, stunning and has endless qualities. It can be used as a bouquet gift to the special ones, it can be used in the decoration of function place like- marriage hall, party house and etc. However sometimes it seems costly thus only used by rich people..but if purchased in a bulk then you can get in an affordable price. Wholely we can say that it is one of the best purple flower that are used for arrangements.

ii) Anemone – It is a unique flower that can also be used for flower arrangements in occasions, and also be used to make bouquets. These flowers are available everywhere in all seasons. They are the sing of hope and happiness. So thus they are special flowers that are affordable to be used for arrangement purposes in weddings.

An excellent set of Purple flowers.

iii) Calla lily – They are also one of the beautiful type that are well stylish and are also a good choice for wedding arrangements..they suits every environment and are affordable too. Thus can be used for the same very comfortably.

iv) Freesia – It is a gentle that are taller flowers, only available in the summer and spring seasons. They generally look awesome as filler flowers in bouquets to be gifted in weddings, and can also be used as centerpieces where it looks amazing. They are special and known to be innocent flowers that are only available in winter season.

v) Dahlia – It is also one of the useful flower that are used for arrangement purposes.
They are really exotic and much graceful, they are available in summers and autumn season. Thay looks beautiful when arranged for any occasion specially wedding.

vi) Hyacinths – They are known by its different shades and bright color. They have a pleasant smell, they are available in most of the places and are affordable to purchase. Hyacinths flower in one of the special purple type and such type in mostly used in wedding decorations.

vii) Lavender – It is the best type that is popular enough to get used. Lavenders are available in various different varieties and colors. They are also available in summer and autumn season. They are not so cheap but are affordable for everyone and thus can be used in any arrangements.

viii) Lilacs – Lilac flowers are in many colors but looks best in purple only having many shades. They are also popular and thus used for many arrangements. They are affordable and well defined.
They are only available in the spring season.

A bunch of good looking Purple Flowers as centerpieces.

ix) Purple Orchids – They look elegant and gorgeous. Orchid flowers are a bit hardy and available in all seasons. They are the real beauty of nature that deliver an excellent look where ever placed. They are used mostly in arrangements like wedding, anniversaries and party functions. Yes they are affordable and are found almost everywhere.

x) Purple Tulips – They are pure flowers that looks simple and sober but looks elegant and excellent by its pure color shades. They are possibly available in the spring as well as winter season. A purple tulip is a sign of joy and fortunate. They can be used for any required arrangements at a good suitable price. They can suit any environment.

xi) Lisianthus – These types are favorite one for all. It signifies love and romance and liked by everyone. Thats why they are mostly used in every occasions specially wedding functions. Their presence makes a healthy environment filled with lovely fragrance and pure beauty. Such flowers are only available in winter season.

So these are some of the precious and affordable purple flower types that are beautiful, pure and attractive that can be used for wedding arrangements easily. Their presence can fill your wedding moments with happiness and joy.

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