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Purple Roses – “Special Guidelines for Growing and Gardening”

Roses are special flowers that are one of the most popular, useful and successful flowers. They are widely planted and used whenever required. Such flowers are precious and crown of nature, they can suit any environment…it signifies love and affection. Roses are now popular and widely used garden plants and so they can be found in similar form and color in almost all gardens. That is why the current trend towards unusual colors and growth habits also not too surprising. Roses can be in principle, mixed with other shrubs and perennials planted anywhere in any garden. But before selecting a particular rose for your home garden, you have to make a decision regarding the rose color and is more generally, about the characteristics (location, soil conditions, structure) inform the different varieties and styles.

Purple Roses looking amazing together

However, there are countless varieties of roses and each year there are number of new breeds at the famous Rose Garden in the schools, colleges or professional markets. Moreover, the preference for “old roses” and English roses with their heady scent is unbroken. Who has, however, already decided on a perfect rose color such as purple roses and blue-violet roses, it has to do with a reasonable selection of varieties. For example, there is no true blue rose, blue cut-roses in flower shops are in fact mostly colored with food coloring. But why are there no blue roses? This is because the roses a gene for the blue dye is missing and the rose petals also has a acidic pH have, so that the red and yellow dye (the anthocyanins) even where such genetic manipulation always breaks down. A gentian blue one will not find on roses so because roses have no dyes (myricetin) for strong, pure blue.

There are number of questions like- Who is still fascinated by bluish roses and not do without these exotic flower color in his garden bed can, which should preferably take up roses, where did the blue breeders dream, at least reflected in the name of Rose. Indeed, there are several roses that more or less lilac, blue-violet or purple bloom and are therefore often referred to as blue roses.
Thus one finds on Rose markets and Rosenau positions often rose varieties such as Blue Bajou, Blue River, Blue fragrance, Blue Magenta, Rhapsody in Blue or Lavender Dream and Veilchenbau. Behind these fanciful names Rose hidden at best relatively clear purple roses or pink roses that can still make out a small amount of blue. What types of roses and rose varieties (in terms of Floribunda roses, shrub roses, climbing roses, hybrid tea) can thus be called rightly as Purple Rose.

This can be said that Rose colors vary always easy, because depending on soil conditions, metals like manganese or nickel affect the flowers coloring. For example, a soil with a high copper enrichment move the rose color in the direction of the blue component, which then results in the “bluest” roses too strong lavender rose petals. From my own experience at least has the rose variety “Rhapsody in Blue” is a relatively dark purple or violet. We have also seen some “Reine des Violettes” with dark-purple color, but also with significant color variations. Hybrid Tea Rose varieties such as the “Mainzer Fastnacht” or the shrub rose “Lavender Dream”, however, we felt rather than pale. So if you looking for a purple rose, which was perhaps the “Rhapsody in Blue” access. If possible, you choose the roses (bare root or container roses) in a recognized nursery, because who is looking for a purple rose as a focal point for his garden bed is not necessarily trust the shades on sample photos in online stores.

Roses are botanically of the gardeners unmanageable rose family (Rosaceae), to the world’s 90 genera with over 3000 species of plants are. Many of these rose plants for humans become essential as crops, for you our most popular core, stone and soft fruit such as apple, pear, cherry, raspberry, blackberry and plum are Rosaceae. Landscaped distinction is cultivated and wild roses. In addition, roses are now often classified according to their growth habit in groups rose. Thus besides the Hybrid Teas, the Floribunda (Polyantharosen, Floribundarosen), dwarf roses, shrub roses or wild roses and climbing roses and rambler roses and standard roses. However, this classification is only of limited help, and is primarily the clarity, because time and again it is possible the original rose growers needs and growth habits of roses adapt to new environmental conditions and local circumstances and herauszuz├╝chten special properties.

Yes we can say that a purple flower is a elegant flower that has an endless qualities and advantages, thus it it mostly selected for growing. Among all roses like blue rose, pink or whatever…purple rose is considered the best. They are beautiful part of nature whose presence brings joy, happiness and love. So keep gardening and take care of your roses !!

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