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Purple Rose – An Epitome of Beauty !!

Rose is a beautiful flower and one of the best flower loved by everyone.Rose is the sign of love and affection.It has a beautiful color,awesome dark shades and good fragrance and has its own importance, when we talk about its color then it is known that a rose has different color types- It could be red, pink, purple, white and many more.But among all these colors purple rose flower is considered to be one of the most popular, beautiful and good looking from others. Nowadays there are number of galleries and purple rose shops from where purple rose delivery are made much easier.

Purple rose design is unmatchable and very different and thus it is used mostly by people as gift or bouquet in any occasion, and usually gifted to the loved ones.In the case of wedding functions the purple rose flowers are used for decorating the marraige hall, party rooms for a pleasant ambience. Purple rose flowers help resonate happiness and prosperity with the surroundings.These roses can also be be merged or mixed with other colors of roses and can be gifted as a bouquet which looks beautiful and effective.Not even for wedding or party purposes, it can also be offered at the feet of god during prayers.Normally it is considered that this purple rose flower is very fortunate that repels the negative energy and attracts positive one, and it has a pleasant aroma and lovely fragrance and thus known to be one of the best from other flowers.

An image of a beautiful purple rose

A purple rose flower can also be differentiate into some different parts, such categories are:
i) Purple
ii) Mauve
iii) Lavender

These are some of the most popular types of purple rose flower and among these types lavender roses has the minimum/lighter shades from others.Whereas in Mauve roses the color of it is replaced from red to blue, is different and looks good.But in the case of purple flower it has the combination of both red and blue that looks perfect.These roses are the beautiness of nature that denotes purity and love.


Purple roses were introduced in between the 19th century by the manual cross breeding of European counterparts and chinese roses and thus evolved.There is also alot variations in size and shape of these flowers apart from their colors and such characteristics evolves by the nature of their fertilizers and soil used in their gardening.Some of the most important purple rose names are-

i) Midnite Blue
ii) Burgundy iceberg
iii) Night owl

These types are well known and popular and widely used by the rich people in their luxury parties to make a colorful and pleasant environment.Sometimes there is difference in the shades of the purple flowers, sometimes it is light and sometimes dark..so as a result the light one is sometimes ignores and dark one is used mostly as it attracts more and seems effective.But wholely we can say that such purple rose flowers are beautiness of our nature that makes one smile by its presence.

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