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Purple Orchid – A Mysterious Flower

The purple orchid is a bright flower type that looks beautiful and healthy. It is known that a purple orchid is one of the best flower in the world, generally not found everywhere. They are ancient species that has a great demand in todays date because of their beauty and attractiveness. Yes, they are royal too and are brighter in shades…they are mysterious and smell good. A purple color is itself a different type that looks gentle and when such color mixes with a flower like orchid then it look amazing. Purple orchid are very beneficial as they can be used for many useful purposes like making a flower decoration, in special arrangements like weddings, can be gifted as a bouquet to special ones.

Description of Purple Orchid:

i) The scientific name of Purple orchid is “Orchis mascula

ii) The average height of a purple flower is between 18 to 22 inches tall.

iii) Their blooming period in during the spring season.

iv) Purple orchid always need a neutral soil type, must be short drained.

v) Purple orchid color is bright and the leaves are shiny and very smooth to touch.

vi) Best methods to grow a successful plant of purple orchid is through seeding, cutting and also tissue culture.

An image of a gorgeous bunch of Purple Orchid

Purple orchid designs are best and excellent, thus they look different. It is not just because of the color…its because of its lovely and bright leaves, its sweet fragrance. Their presence makes us feel good and build a healthy environment. So to have such beautiful flower…purple orchid care must be done properly. They are the sign of purity and happiness.

They should be maintained and administrated properly while planting, the fertilizers used must be in a good/sufficient amount in good lighting. This will facilitate them to grow more faster and comfortably. They are mostly used as purple orchid bouquet in functions and anniversaries because purple orchids look amazing when they are together in a bunch.

Purple orchid flower arrangements are very popular around the occasions because its one of the best type of purple flower…and we all know that purple flowers are royal and popular thus used mostly than any other. Such flowers can be found from near by shops and can also be purchased online through internet. Yes internet is a simple way to get your choice flowers and can also get any type of information for the same…all you need to go to any purple orchid website and book your choice flowers anytime, this will save your much time and money too. Purple orchid are very much popular around the world because of its vast info on internet and one can easily find any type of purple flower orchid image, wallpapers and information there.

There are almost two different types of purple orchids, they are:

i) Terrestrial
ii) Epiphytes

These two types are popular and are found on ground and trees both. Purple orchids always represent feminity and are well gracious. They are the best part of our nature that signifies love, elegance and romance.

Easy way to Garden Purple orchid:

A purple orchid can be easily put up in our gardens and farms, as their presence in enough to increase the beauty of any location. So as to grow/plant a purple orchid first you need to find a proper place for its plantation where sufficient amount of sunlight is present…after that fertilize the orchid bulbs along with the pure substance that contains a high quantity of potash. And keep in mind not to disturb or trouble the root, as they could be damaged. You should plant them with care by digging up the ground and put the plant inside the hole and press nicely with your palms, this will help them to set under.Then the main thing to keep in mind is to provide them a sufficient amount of water each day, this will help them to grow faster and longer. Without water the plant dries out..hence watering is most important.

Purple orchids are the glooming part of nature and has become a part of our life..they are amazing, different and exotic. So keep planting them and make a healthy-wealthy environment.

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