Purple Lotus – Spiritual, Rare and Beautiful

A purple lotus is one of the beautiful flower type in our nature. A lotus generally born in water and rises out of water to just stand above to get unsoiled. A purple lotus in a different lotus flower by its color itself, as it looks pure and lovely. This flower in one of the special flower in the flower kingdom that is always encircled with the aura of mysticism. It always treated as a special flower that has spiritual intention in the religions like- Hinduism and budhhism in india and various other countries too.

A lotus flower represents the symbol of fortunate and peace. The muddy water is its place of birth but looks like a heaven flower by its beauty and pure quality of colors. It resembles the spirit which is born to murkiness. It also belongs to the resemblance of faithfulness. It is specially important to Buddhism. There are also some other color types in Lotus flower, the are:

i) If a lotus flower is red in color then we can say it refers to love and romance.
ii) Pink lotus flower in very popular and seen majorly that represent the history of our religion and our ancients.
iii) If the lotus flower is blue then it symbolize the wisdom.
iv) The purple lotus flower is different from all these types because it is royal in nature and it speaks of spiritual kindness.

A lovely picture of a Purple Lotus

The purple lotus flower is always different from others as it is considered as one of the beautiful and lovely flower. Yes we can also say that they are rare because they are not found everywhere. The purple lotus in found scared flower because of its condition of growth, it is not grown in every condition. The lotus represents all the that achievement and willing that a person wants to. As we all know that purple lotus flower germinates from the bottom of mud and is surrounded by muck. It looks more beautiful when in is blooming that raises its beauty above all the filth.

The color of purple lotus bears importation in the meaning of lotus flower in Buddhism. Among different purple flowers white lotus also looks beautiful which is also rare. The stage of the growth of lotus represents the stage of enlightenment. A lotus that is closed usually signifies the time before a Buddhist follower founding enlightenment. The mud where the lotus flower blooms in browny and looks ugly..but the beauty of the lotus that is grown there raises the beauty of whole place.

Sometimes we think that what these flowers are for?…and then the answer comes from our heart that they are nature’s gift, they teaches us about the truth and reality..they are part of our life, thus are precious. Purple lotus flower are also used in many ways by rich people mostly because they are popular, royal and rare in nature. They can be used in function decorations and etc. Sometimes they are not found everywhere like in markets, flower shops…you have to make a long search for it. So an easy way to buy and purchase such beautiful flower in through online shopping on internet, It is an easy path where a person can easily buy any flower of his/her own choice…all you need to make a good search of it on internet and you can get various of useful websites where purchasing of flowers in possible through various transactions like- credit card, pay pal and many more.

In india a purple lotus flower is worshiped and considered to be more spiritual, for example- the Hindu goddess Laxmi mata is seated on the sacred of purple lotus. Apart from its spiritual connotations the lotus stem and leaves are used as victual items in many season whenever required. Moreover a purple lotus flower has a beautiful and pleasant fragrance that is enough to make someone happy.

Flowers are important in our life so we need to plant them as much as we can..and some of the rare and exceptions types like purple lotus are very precious that should be cared properly, they are only grown in the muddy area so difficult to grow in a normal garden. A purple lotus flower has a different structure that looks mind blowing, and not only its structure…its dark shades of leaves and petals makes it more stunning.

They are spiritual, resembles peace, purity, love and is the attraction of nature that became a part of our life. So keep your environment clean and green..and live a healthy-wealthy life.

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Purple Lotus – Spiritual, Rare and Beautiful

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