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Purple Lilies – Beauty of Nature !!

Purple lilies are one of the best flowers from other kinds.They are supreme, beautiful and also precious.Purple lilies are mostly used for the decoration purposes, such as-decoration gardens with good purple lilies, decorating home and also decorating places for events and marraiges. These flowers are so cool that they look different from others, their beautiful shades and petals makes it unmatchable. It is one of the best purple flower type.Lilies always looks good from other weather it is pink, red or some other..but with the purple color the flower looks excellent.

Purple lilies are pure and effective, they are royal and are used in special occasions.They are beautiful enough to make someone happy and thus its presence creates a healthy environment.This beauty of nature is a lso considered as a symbol or purity and honour.If we say royal then we can assume that they are costly too…and thus used by rich people mostly in their special occasions or parties.

A beautiful image of a Purple Lily

Its Description:

i) Purple lilies are located in various parts of the world from years ago.Actually the name lily came from its botanical(medical) name Lilium and noe known to be Lilies.

ii) Purple lilies are not much taller but are around 6-7 feet, tall enough.

iii) They are grown in moist conditon with much drained soil.

iv) Purple lily leaves are green in color that are long and pointed.

The method of growing such beautiful flower is not elementary, one can easily grow Purple lilies by bulb division through seeds and tissue culture method.

Purple lily flowers have a wide variety that includes more than 80 species globally that can be categorised in terms of size, shape and color.

Arrangement of Purple Lilies-

Arrangement of purple lilies are mostly used in special occasions like weddings and engegements or in royal parties.They can be put anywhere with the bunch like in the centre table, or in decorating the marraige hall and etc.They look nice in bunches and thus can be placed with other colors too like mixing it with white daises, yellow solidate and orange iris and create quality decoration.Such arrangement always liked by everyone.But Purple lilies should not be mixed/merged with more than 2 colors..you must have to pick two other colors at a time, for example-white color flower with it or choose lovender and yellow to go with it.It wil look gorgeous.

Puple lily bouquets are very famous, they generally look beautiful when held all together in a bunch.It is not juss becouse of its color, it looks ravishing by its beautiful shape and dark shades.Its gardening is also good that starts early in the spring season and dry place is always chosen for its plantation.

One should always keep in mind while taking care of such flower is that always keep then in a cool place for their lond life and to keep then fresh..and pour them water time to time, this will make their charm longer and their style and beautiness will bring your place happiness and joy because they are beautiness of our Nature.

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