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Purple Hydrangea – The Popular Choice for Wedding Bouquet and Decoration

Purple hydrangea are very gorgeous flowers that are so popular and are used mostly or suited mostly in the occasions like wedding, anniversaries. They are very beautiful and charming and thus used as central wedding flower in a bunch, hydrangea are used for the arrangement of decorations regarding the occasions. Such purple flowers are royal and fortunate as well as good looking…so can be also used as a bouquet gift to the special ones, wedding couples. They are excellent in their color…so dark shades, amazing petals and beautiful leaves. Purple hydrangea is a special part of nature and makes a healthy-wealthy environment by its presence.

IMO these purple hydrangea are one of the splendid flowers from other types…and they are most popular by their uses and great advantages. They are remarkable, attractive and costly too. Purple hydrangea inspire elegance and impose a good respect. To grow these flowers not a problem…they are easy to grow and plant and are well suited in gardens and homes.

An attractive group image of purple hydrangea

Description of Purple Hydrangea:

i) The scientific name of Purple Hydrangea is “Hydrangeaceae”

ii) They are mostly found in the south-Eastern part of asia.

iii) Their normal height is around 4 feet tall.

iv) Purple hydrangea uses rich soil for its plantation that is well drained, and it must be known that if the ph balance of its soil is changed then you can get different types of color in it.

v) Its blooming time is around one and a half month in the summer season…this time they bloom easily and freely.

vi) They have attractive petals and leaves…these leaves are small, very glossy and green.

vii) These flowers can be planted by many processes like rooting and stem cutting.

A Purple Hydrangea species are much older, some of its types are:

a) Hydrangea quercifolia
b) Hydrangea paniculata
c) Hydrangea macrophylla
d) Hydrangea arborescens.

These types has its own qualities, and are pure in nature. They are grown not in every season.

As these flowers has its use in decoration purposes mostly…so a proper purple hydrangeas arrangement should be made for any event or occasion. They should be placed in the areas where they are suited like- Purple Hydrangea flowers centerpieces look amazing and suits it best in any marriage events…and can also be used in decorating cakes, decorating the party hall, marriage home and etc. They are wedding table special flowers. Hydrangea flowers looks more beautiful when mixed with roses thus this mixture can be used as a bouquet. Purple Hydrangea can also be combined with green viburnum, purple lisianthus and blue delphinium. It can also look good with some goes color flowers like pale pink, creamy yellow, sweet orange and lavenders.

As we all got to know that this flower is a part of our life as it has a major use and are loved by everyone, so as to buy such sweet flowers one can easily purchase then from near by flower shops. As it is a royal flower type then it may be difficult to find them at each place…so if it gets difficult for you then you can purchase your Purple Hydrangea flowers online also through internet. As internet has a big market…it has major varieties, so will be much easy/comfortable to buy and purchase item like flowers.

Gardening of Purple Hydrangea:

These flowers always look awesome in gardens at home side..and thus grown majorly. It makes a healthy environment and increases greenery. On other side farmers also used to plant such flowers because of its vast use and beauty.

Purple flowers are best flowers that suits every environment and liked by everyone…and purple hydrangeas is one of its best type. So as to plant such excellent flower one must keep in mind that to plant them in the right spot..use best soil with aluminum added to it as it is necessary in its plantation. Then place it in the spot you choose and press it nicely with your palms under the soil.
Then, after the plantation process you also keep in mind some advices like – always keep watering the plant so as to make its growth well so that it can grow fast without any dryness. Proper sunlight must be provided to it, keep it in a moderate temperature and always keep this flower plant away from small children because sometimes Purple hydrangeas can be toxic. And thus you can grow a pure and beautiful flower like purple hydrangeas that are amazing and has a major use in today’s date. So Keep Planting !!

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