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Purple Hibiscus – Queen of Tropics !!

Purple hibiscus is a beautiful flower and a good flower for planting.There are almost 200 different species of a purple hibiscus. It is a tropical flower and thus called as Queen of the tropics…yes it is also a royal flower.The main reason to grow such plants is for their flowers(hibiscus). It is a lovable flower that attracts by its color and beautiful shape.However we can find both annual and perennial types of hibiscus flower.

One of the most popular place of purple hibiscus is Hawaii, where mostly hibiscus are found.Due to its maximum growth in hawaii..it is used for many purposes such as for decorations, creating gardens and many more. It is a respectable plant that is different from others and not found normally.

A beautiful picture of a Purple Hibiscus

One of the most popular and known type is Purple hibiscus..it is best, well known and good looking flower from others. Mostly it is used to raise the landscaping of the gardens which look excellent by its presence. They are royal so not found/located everywhere. Purple hibiscus flower pictures and beautiful wallpapers can be easily checked and downloaded through internet if needed, as it is lovable flower liked by everyone.

Description of Purple Hibiscus:

i) Purple hibiscus height is around upto 10m, it is tall.
ii) It generally uses drained soil for its plantation.
iii) It’s origin is from southern part of asia.
iv) The blooming time span of purple hibiscus flower is from mid of june to early august.
v) The main method of gardening of hibiscus plant is through seeds, grafting and tissue culture process.
vi) It can be maintained easily by watering because water helps it to grow more sronger and faster that is important. Thus it should be cared properly.

It is a pure purple flower that is considered as a symbol of majestic splendor.Such flower has a major effect in the part of arrangements because they can make any occasion better by it presence.Purple hibiscus looks sensational when arranged properly…mostly they can be used for the decoration of house, centerpieces and can also be gifted as bouquet.Purple hibiscus also can be mixed with other different color flowers such as orchids and white flowers that looks stunning.

Purple color is a good color and when it get mixed with hibiscus then it looks phenominal, but they are costly too and within those dark purple hibiscus flowers are very costly because of their dark shades n petals…thats why such purple flowers are so much popular and demandind, and as a result they are used maximally in wedding functions, parties and even in funerals. It is considered that its presence makes a healthy environment with positive belief. People can buy purple hibiscus flower online and through near by shops easily.

Purple Hibiscus Flower Uses:

A purple flower has many of its advantages that makes it better than others such as:

i) It can be used to make a fancy bouquet for any function when needed.
ii) It can be used for decorating any occasion event such as wedding or anniversaries.
iii) Purple flowers can be planted in garden and thus makes the beauty of garden more effective.
iv) It can be used as a gift in a bunch as a basket to anyone.
many more uses…etc etc ;)

Purple hibiscus needs to get plenty of sunlight for its growth so it should be put in proper light for its splendid growth. The main thing to keep in mind during its plantation is to fertilize its soil each and everyday and to trim in winter. Then they will bloom nicely.When a purple hibiscus in grown then they are kept in a cool place and also in clean place…from where the plant can use fresh air. Daily water should be provided to it so that they don’t dry up and last longer. You can read more about Purple Hibiscus at Wikipedia.

This flower is the beauty of our nature that has become a part of our life, they are popular and unmatchable. Purple Hibiscus is just exotic and gracious.

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