Purple Flowers – First Emotion of Love and Purity

Purple is an attractive color and considered to be one of the dominant color from others…it does’nt look so much dark or dim, it looks just amazing whenever seen. When such beautiful color is put in a flower then it attracts the whole world as it looks amazing. A purple flower is royal in nature and its color makes it different from others. Flowers are a part of nature and has also become part of our life as it is used everywhere by everyone for number of purposes like- for the decorations, gifts as a bouquet and many more.

Purple flowers has its own quality that makes it successful from other color flowers and thus it is well popular, different and liked by everyone. Do you know how many purple flowers are there in the world? I must tell you that there are thousand of species of purple flowers, some are rare..some can be found easily, some of them found in mountain areas..some in plain areas. So there are plenty. But they are unmatchable and excellent. There are many different types of purple flowers such as- purple roses, purple hydrangea, purple lilies etc. And there are also no. of many categories such as- Purple passion flower, dark purple flower, purple wild flower, purple wedding flowers, purple bush flowers and purple tropical flowers.

Purple flowers are spread all over the world, they are exotic and wild too. One of the best quality of a purple flower is that the shades of their petals look amazing in purple rather than others.

Lovely purple flowers in the sunshine.

In a quite simple words we can say that such flowers are the symbol of good life, joy and beauty. They act as an amazing present that can silently express our feelings to others. Some of the flowers like- Purple roses, purples lilies, purple orchids are used mostly for different purposes mostly in occasions like anniversaries, parties and wedding. These flowers are well suited for the centerpieces in the bunches or can also be utilized for arrangements..like decorating the marriage hall, decorating the cake, party hall and etc. One of the other best use is making bouquets…a bunch of flower is called as bouquet that is used as a gift to the loved ones. Purple flowers for wedding bouquets is very popular these days where mixed flowers are generally used. some of the best combinations are:

i) We can use white color flowers to be mix with purple flowers that looks different and attractive.

ii) We can mix pink color with purple that looks amazing.

iii) We can mix orange and green color with purple for a decent combination bunch, that can look stunning.

iv) But sometimes we don’t use blue with purple because they does’nt mix well.

So these are some of the awesome combinations or mixture of color of flowers with purple that can maximally used to make a beautiful flower bouquet. On the other hand purple flowers for wedding cakes are also used as it looks beautiful with the tasty cake.

There are number of festivals and other occasions where these flowers suits the best, they are- mother’s day, children day, Christmas, new year…in these days most of the people use flowers so as to give best wishes and good luck to special ones.Flowers are one of the important part of our life, they are wonderful and plays an important role in the greenery of our environment. Yes, flowers are generally found everywhere but purple flowers does’nt because they are royal and popular too..so found in special places. So to buy such flowers one has to search for it in near by shops, and can also purchase it through online. One can easily book any type of flower by own choice from internet whenever wanted..so online is also a comfortable way for purchasing.

People are very conscious about plantation and gardening of flowers and also sometimes confuse that what to plant and how to plant…but to grow plant like purple flower successfully, you may go through under some advices and steps. They are:

i) First of all you have to choose a proper area for the same…where sufficient sunlight may be possible.
ii) Choose the best season for it.
iii) Plant it through process like seeding, cutting process or etc.
iv) Then choose the best soil for it and dig a hole about inches as required.
v) Then put the seed or plant inside the hole and press the mud soil nicely with palms.
vi) Then water it and make sure the process of watering takes place in a round interval of times.

These steps will possibly help you to grow a successful and beautiful purple flower. After the plantation the given flower plant must be kept in a moderate temperature

neither it will dry up. This will allow you to grow purple flowers more fast and for a longer time. So keep gardening purple flowers…they are pure, loving and precious for us.

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