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Purple Flower: An Introduction to beauty

The beauty of a purple flower – a kind of its own

According to the ancestors, if you overlook a purple flower amidst a field of other flowers, it is bound to anger the celestials.  Purple flowers add a note of uniqueness and regality in the floral arts.  There are several varieties of them and each seasonal and catering to a specific occasion.  Since purple is a mix of the primary colors it combines the coolness of blue and the heat of red. It is an intermix of the masculine and feminine.  Purple is both a color of royalty and mystery.  It is the color of the emperors of the Elizabethan ages, it is also a funereal color.  The shades of purple determine the grades of the hierarchy.

There are a variety of purple flower bearing trees like violet, lavender, pomegranate, eggplant and plums just to name a few. Some of these flowers are ornamental and the others fruit bearing.  A room filled with purple flowers is monastic and ideal for meditation and occult purposes.  Abundance of purple can cause mental disturbances and transient hypertension too.

An attractive purple flower having cute petals.

Significance of Purple Flower

Purple flowers symbolize a royal blood and distinction from the gentry. Pretty abundant, it is considered an offering to the gods.  For instance purple lotuses are sacred to the Eastern mystics. The deeper shades are more masculine and symbolize power, while the lighter shades are feminine and symbolize homeliness. A bouquet of purple flowers offered to a person indicates admiration and respect.

Arrangement of purple flowers:

Purple flowers in combination with other flowers lead to various effects.  Purple on its own gives a spatial effect. With complementary yellow flowers, it creates a psychic effect, with orange and pink flowers, it is attention catching, with creamy colors it gives a conservative look, with light greens it gives a sense of garden freshness.

Seasonality and occasions

A Christmas wedding demands purple flowers with golden flowers, a summer wedding demands a combination with yellow ones, an Easter wedding merits a combination of purples with lilacs. The constellation of purple flowers in a bridal bouquet or other floral gifts is according to the season and the occasion. Centrally located purple flowers in a bouquet indicate an abundance of emotions to the gift.

The genera of purple flowers are purple daisy that originates in the lower Mississippi basin, the hydrangeas originating in the east Asia, lilacs that are common, purple lily, purple roses signifying amorous attachments and infatuations, the purple orchids used in Ikebanas and countless other varieties.

Flowers like amsonia, aster, bee balm, bell flower, clematis etc are perennial flowers.  They are finding the year around.  Some of them are annual and still others biennial meaning available twice a year.

A discordant match between purples and other flower colors is bound to affect the harmony of the surroundings and the psycho-emotional states of the user. Purples in combination with darker flowers lead to melancholy and is indicative of a funereal atmosphere.

Never neglect the attention seeking purple flower lest you offend the gods.

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