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Purple Coneflower Care, Gardening, Uses – All You Need To Know !!

Purple coneflower is a beauty of nature that is beautiful enough to attract anyone by its color and stunning shades. It is a part of purple flower that is mostly gardened by people, by farmers. The other name of Purple cone flower is Echinacea. It is an attractive flower that has beautiful petals and leaves too. Purple coneflower bloom time is between july and october and it can grow 3-4 feet tall. Such coneflower carries a different chemical known as hyaluronic acid that is used to increase the strength of its tissue.

This flower is the symbol of purity and affection, it is used in gardening mostly..liked by everyone.In todays date farmers are very much concern about the plantation of different flowers so it is very important for them to plant useful flowers and which are beautiful.And mostly such cone flowers are planted bt their good uses and attraction.

It is also effective and efficient to helpers.One of it most important use or advantage is that it can be used with AIDS patients to charge their immune system and thus help them, it is proved. One of the another beautiful flower is Purple lily that has some of the same features of purple cone flower.

A beautiful image of a Purple ConeFlower

Purple ConeFlower Description:

Height: Around 2-3 feets
Depth of sowing: 1/8 inches
Rate of Seeding: 12lbs per acre
Period of Blooming: Mostly in the month of july
Germination of Plant: 20-30 days
Temperature of Sprouting: Between 65-75F
Average success of such plant can be almost 75% that is excellent.

A purple coneflower is a winter surviving flower and can tackle winter season easily, it thrives moist soil and can bear trouth and can be comfortably planted by some useful steps…some of the steps are:

i) First of all plant the coneflower in the start of spring season.
ii) Wait for the frost to pass away form your growing region so that threats could’nt occur and plantation can be done properly.
iii) Place a site for your plantation at any sunny point, but dont in the partial shade region neither it will grow a bit taller.
iv) Do not plant it in any soily region because it is difficult to grow there.
v) Dig a hole of 4 inches for the same, if there is one plant to grow…if more than one then holes must be dig bigger as required.
vi) Place your cone flower into the hole, make the dirt inside it so as to place it well.Then press the soil part gently.
vii) When it is situated then provide some water to it, this part is very important(watering) because the growth of the plant mostly depends on water.As much water you can provide to your plant..it will be excellent for its growth.
viii) Then atlast check regularly for its growth and try to divide your coneflower in every 2-3 Years.These are some basic steps to be followed for plantation and good growth of a Purple coneflower.

It is known to be a effective plant that is not only surviving just because of its beautiness, but because of its natural advantages and uses also. As the root of such flower is sometimes used for medical purposes to make medicines when required..so as to cure diseases.Purple cone flowers also sometimes used against the infection of snake bites and related problems…mostly used by americans earlier. So thus we can say that how exciting is the plantation of Purple coneflower… make your environment more greener add it to your circle and your gardens and enjoy its presence, you will love it !!

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