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How to take care of your Roses?

Roses are demanding specially purple flower roses beauties who need some technical understanding and loving care. Those who observe the following tips you can look forward to a rosy rundrum summer. Roses are sensitive plants that plague many diseases and pests. However, the individual varieties of roses are robust are different.

To the amateur gardeners to ease the agony of choice, check the working group of many places related like(ADR)..every year new varieties for resistance. The best may henceforth adorn the quality seal “ADR rose.” Therefore, rose lovers prefer buying ADR roses and ensure vigorous shoots and healthy roots.

As children of the sun love roses a breezy location. The soil should be deep, loose and nutritious. Therefore, a sandy soil with humus, a clay soil with compost and sand to be improved.

The optimum time for planting bare root roses is late autumn or early spring. Container roses can be set throughout the year.

Before planting the roses come a few hours in the water. When planting, make sure that the graft union is at least 5 cm below the surface. Then pour and good earthing up so that the shoots look out only a few centimeters. Pull the middle of April the earth smooth.
Freshly planted roses should be watering weekly, later water the flowers Queen only drought, but never the leaves or flowers.

A stunning picture of purple flowers-purple roses.

-In the first year after planting roses need no additional nutrients. Thereafter, it is recommended that in the spring to supply organic fertilizer. From July they tolerate no more nitrogen, otherwise do not ripen off the shoots.

In summer flower lovers should not only cut the faded flowers, but the whole cone and the next hand. In the fall, the shoots cut by about one third. The real rose cut the bedding and Edel-rosen occurs only in early spring. Then should the elderly, senile and dense shoots are removed and the side shoots to three or four eyes ( buds above the ground ) will be reduced.

As hardy roses like mature compost or seasoned manure and possibly additional with pine branches. The latter can also climbing and standard roses well come through the frosty beauty sleep.

For plant protection, Prevention is better than cure. Who roses with lavender , Tagetes or marigolds combined needs, animal pests not fear. In addition, the budding rock powder dust or spray.

Against animal pests help soap preparations and nettle broth. New on the market is a rose patch, which suggests aphids to flee. It is attached to the bottom all the main stems.

When it is hot and dry, easy to fall ill roses and rose powdery mildew rust, in wet weather they can get blackspot. These fungal diseases always remove the affected leaves and spray in an emergency, for example, with Neudo-Vital.

Hence by following upper steps one can take care of his/her roses easily and comfortably.

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